The Personal Brand Content Starter Kit

Everything you’ll need to get started (or growing) with your personal brand and content creation in property management.
Your Online Prescence is Your Digital Shop Front

Why Consistent Content Matters

Honestly, balancing the act of growing and managing your rent roll while trying to produce consistent and engaging content is hard. You may have lots of content ideas, but it’s often hard to find the time to turn these ideas into social media posts or engaging email newsletters for your audience. And it’s not just about time! At times, it’s tough coming up with new ideas, particularly when your competitors are creating standout content, making you feel like you’re falling behind.

That’s why we’re here.

ContentCollab is your dedicated content creation team tailor-made for the property management and real estate industry. We get the unique obstacles you’re up against, from the time crunch to creating that perfect post. Whether it’s transforming that brilliant content into reality, keeping your database engaged with regular newsletters, or simply taking the content creation load off your shoulders so you can focus on what you do best (which is managing and growing your rent roll), we’ve got you covered. You’ll never have to worry about falling behind or running out of ideas again. We’re here to ensure your digital presence is as strong as your property management services.


Become The Industry Expert

Your competitors are doing it. They’re building credibility (whether they deserve it or not) using their content online. But you know your stuff, so let us showcase your expertise with your content and position your property management team as the industry experts.
“She understood me, my message and produced content that matched exactly what I wanted.”
Sarah Cincotta

RISE with Sarah Cincotta

Consistent Content

Show Up When & Where It Matters

Landlords will find the property manager who is showing up consistently. And you deserve to be that property manager they find. Your current landlords love your service, so let’s showcase that online. Be consistent with your content every single month – without having to stress and scramble for ideas.
“We have months’ worth of content now planned, I don’t even have to think about it!”
Kasey Lawrence

The Rental Network


Make Your Content Marketing Easy

We know you’re busy. You’re growing a rent roll, managing properties, getting your trust account to balance and organising repairs and maintenance. You don’t need to feel overwhelmed by all your social media content. It can be easy, and it can get you results!
“My content has improved dramatically and as a result I am obtaining clients directly from my social media posts”
Jo-Anne Black

Black Book Solutions

Money-Back Guarantee

Get Started Risk-Free

You can try our content marketing services completely risk-free, with our 30-day money-back guarantee. We understand it can feel risky trying something new, which is why we’ve made it absolutely hassle-free for you to opt out if you feel our services aren’t the right fit within the first 30 days. It’s our way of showing confidence in what we do, ensuring you feel secure and valued from the get-go.

Tell me if you relate…

You know you need to be active on social media, creating blogs, videos, posts and email newsletters. But you’re just too busy all the time.

Maybe you struggle to stay consistent with your content
Maybe you don't feel like you have enough ideas for posts
Maybe you wish you were better at writing articles (or better at getting good content out of ChatGPt)
So, what if you could hand all this over to a team to run all your content creation for you, and you could focus on the other parts of your business? Well now you can. When you partner with us at ContentCollab.

“Highly recommend Ellen, as a productive solo entrepreneur”

“Ellen has helped take the pressure away in content creation and scheduling of social media posts. She understood me, my message and produced content that matched exactly what I wanted

Sarah Cincotta
Rise With Sarah Cincotta

“Ellen is extremely knowledgeable and talented in the social media space.”

“Working closely with Ellen she has completely transformed my social media marketing. My content has improved dramatically and as a result I am obtaining clients directly from my social media posts. Highly recommend Ellen”

Jo-Anne Black
Black Book Solutions

“I cannot recommend Ellen highly enough!!”

“Starting a new business and needing to have a strong presence on social media but no idea where to start, I turned to Ellen to assist with my content

Kasey Lawrence
The Rental Network

Hi, I’m Ellen

I've been where you are

My career in property management, combined with my personal experience of starting and growing a rent roll from scratch, has taught me the value of content marketing as a powerful growth strategy. Unlike traditional methods that felt intrusive (like cold calling and door knocking), I’ve always preferred to draw clients to me, creating a mutual desire to work together. Now, having successfully built and sold my rent roll, I’m passionate about helping you do the same: Attracting landlords who want to work with you.

I’ve seen how targeted, meaningful content can significantly impact business growth and relationships. I believe in crafting content that not only engages your audience but also improves your market presence. With my blend of industry expertise and content marketing experience, I aim to bridge the gap between your brand and your clients, providing bespoke content solutions that resonate with your audience. My approach is all about sustainable rent roll growth and avoiding burnout, ensuring that with just a few hours a week, you can consistently attract new leads without the need for aggressive sales tactics. Let me and my team make content one of your strongest strategies in growing your rent roll, sustainably and effectively.

Our Services

All Your Content Creation In One Place

Graphic Design

We’ll create images that reflect your business and your brand, bringing your business to life.

Content Planning

Each month, planned carefully in advance to create the content you want in your marketplace.

Reels Editing

Ensure that your content strategy includes video, even if you don’t want to show your face on camera.

Branding Updates

Refresh your brand feel when it’s time for an overhaul.

Collateral Design

We’ll ensure that all your content designs are cohesive and consistent with your brand.

Blog Writing

Publish unique,insightful written content on your website, to educate your readers, and boost your SEO performance.

Email Newsletters

Send regular emails to your database, to keep them engaged and nurtured, fostering connection within your community.

Competitor Research

We’ll research the competing brands in your area to allow clear points of difference in your content marketing.
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