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The Personal Brand
Content Starter Kit for Property Management Professionals
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Everything you’ll ever need to start, build and grow your Property Management Personal Brand using Content Marketing
 Are These Challenges Holding Back Your Social Media and Content Marketing Results?

Confused about your Personal Brand? Want to use your own personal brand account, but not sure how?

Not enough time? Struggling to find those extra hours to dedicate to your social media presence?

Content confusion? Does the thought of what to post next leave you stumped?

Struggle with consistency? Finding it hard to maintain a regular posting schedule?

Rent Roll growth goals? Want to leverage social media to expand your rent roll but not sure how?

Then you need this Starter Kit today!
Here's what's inside The Starter Kit
Your 4-Week Content Calendar

This will be your new best friend, waving goodbye to last-minute panic and saying hello to structured, stress-free creativity.

Follow this as a guide each month to help get your content planned out, following my 5 categories for your content each week.

Your Personal Branding Guide

This guide comes complete with a Mood Board template from Canva, will help you establish your brand’s visual and emotional journey, making sure it’s not just seen but felt.

You know how there are those brands that you really “feel”? We’re going to make YOU one of them!

The Topic Generator List
This is your idea factory, ensuring you're never at a loss for topics to post about. You’ll have over 100 post topics in this, so you’ll NEVER run out of post ideas again.
The Engagement Checklist

This is your secret weapon, turning interactions into connections and followers into community.

Follow this guide each time you’re planning your content, to maximise the engagement you get on each post.

Canva Image Templates

These templates are going to make your life so much easier.

Switch up the colours (to suit your Personal Branding Guide), add your own images and videos and you’re good to go.

A curated list of all the tools and resources we adore and use for creating magnetic content for all our clients here at ContentCollab.

This is like your backstage pass to the behind-the-scenes of the client-winning strategies we use here.

Some of our happy clients

 "Highly recommend Ellen, as a productive solo entrepreneur, Ellen has helped take the pressure away in content creation and scheduling of social media posts. She understood me, my message and produced content that matched exactly what I wanted. She is amazing at what she does and is also a valued affiliate partner of RISE because the value she brings in the content and social media space is just amazing. Ellen I adore you and you know I would recommend you to anyone. Thank you" 

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Sarah Cincotta

 "I cannot recommend Ellen highly enough!! Starting a new business and needing to have a strong presence on social media but no idea where to start, I turned to Ellen to assist with my content. The amount of stress, anxiety and TIME that Ellen has saved me has been invaluable. We have months' worth of content now planned, I don't even have to think about it!
Ellen, not only are you so knowledgeable and talented at what you do, but you are also kind, warm and endearing to work with. Every time I finish working with you I feel like I've just been wrapped up in a big hug! Lol. Absolutely love all that you do Ellen! xx"

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Kasey Lawrence

"Ellen is extremely knowledgeable and talented in the social media space. Working closely with Ellen she has completely transformed my social media marketing. My content has improved dramatically and as a result I am obtaining clients directly from my social media posts. Highly recommend" Ellen 

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Jo-Anne Black

"Whether you are in start-up or growth mode, the rent Roll Starter and Ellen are a must for you. I have a attended her Social Summit, am a member of her content club and have had one on one consults with her and she has helped set me up for success by simplifying the socials/growth process for me. She is my go to in this space!" 

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Kristen Porter
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About Ellen

Ellen is the creator of The Personal Brand Content Starter Kit for Property Management Professionals and is a content marketing expert who loves using social media for rent roll growth.

Ellen is best known teaching social media for rent roll growth, and how to harness a "small but mighty" following, and use this following to create brand awareness for FREE!

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