Utilising User-Generated Content for Rent Roll Growth

Utilising User-Generated Content for Rent Roll Growth

Are you feeling the hassle of trying to grow your rent roll while juggling a thousand other tasks? Trust me, I get it. But today, I want to let you in on a little secret that can make your work a whole lot easier (and more efficient): user-generated content (UGC).

You might be thinking, “How can UGC help me grow my rent roll?” I’m about to show you how!

Why User-Generated Content is a Game-Changer

User-generated content is any form of content created by your clients, landlords, tenants, or even social media followers, rather than by your business. Think of it as word-of-mouth marketing in the digital age. And guess what? It’s incredibly powerful.

Authenticity and Trust

People trust people. That’s why UGC is powerful. When potential clients see real people sharing their positive experiences with your property management services, it builds trust and credibility. According to a report from the Real Estate Institute of Australia, “Trust is a key component in real estate transactions, and leveraging genuine testimonials can significantly enhance your credibility.”​​

Cost-Effective Content Creation

Creating content can be time-consuming and expensive. But with UGC, you get high-quality content without lifting a finger. Your clients and tenants create it for you! This saves you both time and money, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your business.

Increased Engagement

UGC encourages engagement. When you share a tenant’s post or a client’s testimonial, it not only boosts your visibility but also makes your audience feel valued and heard. This, in turn, fosters a community around your brand, which is crucial for rent roll growth.

My Tips for Encouraging and Curating UGC

So, how do you get your clients and tenants to create content for you? Here are some practical tips to get you started:

1. Create a Hashtag Campaign

Start a branded hashtag campaign. Encourage your tenants to share their experiences using a specific hashtag. This makes it easy for you to find and share their posts.

2. Run Contests and Giveaways

Who doesn’t love a good contest? Organise contests where tenants can win prizes for sharing the best photos or stories about their living experience. This not only generates UGC but also increases engagement. But wait, there’s more to it than just announcing a contest! Running a competition on social media comes with its own set of legal requirements. Ono Legal has a legal guide to make sure that your lead magnets won’t turn into legal liabilities.  Make sure you check it out and know the rules and regulations in holding these competitions.

3. Feature Your Tenants and Landlords

Make your tenants and landlords feel special by featuring them on your social media pages or website. Share their stories, photos, or videos. It’s a win-win: they feel appreciated, and you get fresh, authentic content.

4. Request Testimonials

Don’t be shy to ask for testimonials. When a client is happy with your service, ask them to write a review or share their experience. You can even make it easy by providing them with a template or guiding questions. You can use Bonjoro to put all those video testimonials in one place, and it can be used for free (There is also a pro plan for those who want to utilise its additional features)!

5. Engage and Respond

Engagement is key. When someone posts about your property management services, make sure to like, comment, and share. Show them that you value their input. This encourages more people to share their experiences.

Curating UGC

Once you start receiving UGC, it’s important to curate it effectively. Here’s how:

1. Be Selective

Choose the best content that aligns with your brand image. High-quality photos, genuine testimonials, and positive stories are what you’re looking for.

2. Give Credit

Always give credit to the original creator. Tag them in your posts and thank them for their contribution. This not only builds goodwill but also encourages others to share.

3. Keep it Organised

Use a content calendar to schedule UGC posts. This ensures you have a steady stream of content and helps you plan ahead.

Utilising user-generated content is a brilliant strategy for rent roll growth. It’s authentic, cost-effective, and highly engaging. Encouraging and curating UGC builds a strong community around your brand, fosters trust, and ultimately, enables rent roll growth.

Ready to get started? Check out ContentCollab and let us help you with your UGC today!

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John Olandag

John Olandag