Social Media Strategies for Attracting Landlords

Do you want to attract more landlords through social media and grow your rent roll? Social media is one of my favourite strategies for rent roll growth.! Here are some strategies to target and engage landlords on social media.

Know Your Audience

First things first, you’ve gotta know who you’re talking to. Landlords are looking for reliable property managers who can maximise their investment returns. They want to see professionalism, experience, and trustworthiness. And they also want to get to know YOU as their property manager. So how do you convey all that on social media?

What Content Resonates with Landlords?

Creating content that speaks directly to landlords’ needs is a big key! Here are some types of content that landlords love:

  1. Educational Posts: Share tips on property management, market trends, and legal updates. Think blog snippets, infographics, and short videos.
  2. Success Stories: Showcase your wins! Share case studies or testimonials from happy landlords. It builds credibility and shows you know your stuff. If you can feature photos and videos of your landlords in these, even better!
  3. Behind-the-Scenes: Give a peek into your daily operations. Show how you handle property inspections, tenant screenings, and maintenance. It humanises your brand and builds trust.
  4. Market Updates: Keep them informed about the local real estate market. Use graphics and short, informative videos to keep it engaging.
  5. Interactive Content: Polls, Q&A sessions, and live videos are great for engagement. They encourage landlords to interact with your content and get to know you better.

Social Media Platforms to Utilise

Not all platforms are created equal. Here’s where you should focus your efforts:

  • Facebook: Perfect for detailed posts, community engagement, and sharing articles. Join and create landlord and local community-focused groups to expand your reach.
  • LinkedIn: The go-to platform for professional content. Share market insights, connect with industry professionals, and post articles that establish you as an expert. This will lead to some excellent referral partnership opportunities.
  • Instagram: Ideal for visual content. Post eye-catching photos and videos of properties, and use Stories for quick updates and behind-the-scenes peeks.
  • TikTok: Yes, TikTok! Create short, engaging videos that showcase property highlights, share quick tips, and offer snippets of information on market trends. It’s a great way to reach a broader, younger audience who you might be guessing are already budding landlords.

My Tips for Engaging Potential Landlords

  • Consistency, consistency, consistency: Regular posting keeps you top-of-mind. Use a content calendar to plan and schedule your posts.
  • Be Authentic: Connect! Show your personality, share your story, and be genuine in your interactions.
  • Give the Landlords A Platform to Tell Their Stories: Encourage satisfied landlords to share their experiences and tag your page. It’s social proof and expands your reach.

Michael Meidler, as cited by Real Estate Business, said, “Success in real estate comes down to two factors: taking care of and valuing the customer.

Follow these tips, have a little patience, and I can guarantee you that your social media will be a landlord magnet!

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John Olandag

John Olandag