How To Plan 1 Month of Social Media Content in 90 Minutes
A 90 Minute Workshop with Property and Content Marketing Expert, Ellen Bathgate

If you struggle to come up with ideas for content for your social media, or to put yourself out there while you're growing a personal brand as a property manager, BDM or rent roll owner, this workshop is for you.
You might have seen Ellen here:
I absolutely loved working with Ellen Bathgate
Her energy and enthusiasm not to mention her expertise of all things social media was exactly what my business needed to give us a little boost in the social space. As a business owner it can be hard to prioritise "working on your business" but engaging Ellen to assist with this element was 100% worth it. I wish I'd done it sooner. If you are thinking of engaging Ellen, don't hesitate, you won't regret it!
Shelley Bays - Plan A Property Group
 You deserve to be the Go-To Property Management Expert in your Local Area 
Balancing the act of growing and managing your rent roll while trying to produce consistent and engaging content is hard.

Maybe you struggle to come up with content ideas...

Or maybe you have lots of content ideas, but it’s often hard to find the time to turn these ideas into social media posts or engaging email newsletters for your audience.

And it’s not just about time!

At times, it’s tough coming up with new ideas, particularly when your competitors are creating standout content, making you feel like you’re falling behind.

That ends today.

What To Expect in This LIVE Workshop
During this workshop, you'll learn:

The 5 Categories of Social Posts - and how to incorporate them into your content each week
How to Come Up With Endless Content - so you always have post ideas
The Planning and Scheduling Process We Use - follow the planning and scheduling process we use at ContentCollab to map out a full month of content in this 90 minutes.

And you'll walk away with your own 1 month content calendar, similar to the type we create for our clients every single month.

PLUS, you'll get some bonuses:

A Personal Brand Canva Template - use this to establish your own brand feel (if you haven't documented this already).
A Post Topic Idea Generator - this Google sheet has over 100 social media post ideas in it.

But you only get these bonuses if you're there LIVE on the workshop. So register now!
Grow your business, your brand and your rent roll with amazing content, starting with this live workshop.
Just Imagine...
Knowing exactly what content you're going to post, and when, every single day for an ENTIRE month. Not having to think about it for the rest of the month!
Putting yourself out there, growing your brand, and becoming the Go-To expert for property management in your local market place.
Having an audience of engaged followers who like your content, and engage with your posts - and ultimately become your clients!
If that 👆is what you want...

here's 👇 what you need to know.
of marketers include content in their marketing strategies
of content consumption comes from organic search
of companies, content marketing has proven effective in boosting lead generation
This means you MUST be showing up on social media, you MUST be creating content, and you MUST be consistent for it to work.
This workshop is going to save you HOURS of struggle, by creating your 1 month content plan while we're live together.
Register for this LIVE workshop

How much is the workshop?
It's free!

I want to step you through the exact process we use here at ContentCollab to create content for our clients each month.

If you decide you'd rather we do it for you, you're welcome to join one of our packages. But you don't have to.
What time is the workshop?
I'm running two of them (both the same, just different days/times to best accommodate as many people as I can).

Workshop 1: Wednesday 31 July at 12noon (Sydney time)
Workshop 2: Thursday 1 August at 9.30am (Sydney time)
Do I already need to be active on social media to attend this workshop?
No, you don't. But you should have an account on at least one platform (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn - whatever you prefer) and be familiar with the idea of posting pictures, videos, longer stories, etc.
Is this for Personal Brands or Companies?

If you're a Property Manager or BDM growing a personal brand, this workshop will be great for you.

If you're a rent roll owner, growing a company brand, same deal.

Everything we plan in the workshop will work for both style of brands on social media.
Do I have to show my face on social media?
No. But you'll get better results if you do.  I'll certainly share some content ideas that don't require you to take 1000 selfies. But I'll also encourage you to be in some of the images and videos that you share.
Will there be a replay?
No. I'm running two sessions, both live. No replay.
Can I just outsource all my content creation instead?
Yes. In fact, during the workshop, I will show you how our ContentCollab content creation service works, in can you'd rather us take care of your content for you.
Ready to put yourself out there and grow your brand with your content?
Grow your business, your brand and your rent roll with amazing content, starting with this live workshop.
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