As if moving house isn’t stressful enough…

But once you get there, you realise there’s no toilet paper 🙊

It’s inconvenient at best… and a total disaster if you’ve got little kids.

And that’s why we put together our “welcome home” gifts.

When you move into a new house with us, you’ll discover your “welcome home” gift sitting on your kitchen bench.

In this gift you’ll find things like:

✅ Toilet paper

✅ Spray and wipe cleaner

✅ A chux cloth

✅ Air freshener

✅ And a few sweet treats for the kids (or the kids-at-heart!)

We know that moving house is ranked as one of the top 3 stressors in your life, so this is how we make it a little easier for you.

Need a new home soon?

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