Do you know how to calculate monthly rent?

You might be thinking that monthly rent is just 4 weeks rent, right?

But, if your property manager tells you this, they’re short changing you as a landlord.

It’s a little more complicated than just 4 weeks rent, but it’s a figure you need to know, if you’re going to allow your tenant to pay their rent monthly.

Here’s how we calculate monthly rent here at ____________ (YOUR AGENCY NAME).

Take the weekly rent and divide it by 7 days.

Take that daily rent amount and multiply it by 365 days for the year (366 if we’re in a leap year 😉 )

Then take that big yearly amount and divide it by 12 months.

Taa daa!!!

You’ve got your monthly rent!

And it’s more than 4 weeks rent, isn’t it?

Don’t get short-changed if your tenant is going to pay their rent monthly!

Do the maths, and you’ll be glad!