Do you know the secret to getting great tenants for your rental property?

It’s probably not what you think.

The secret is “arriving 15 minutes early”.

Arriving 15 minutes early at a rental open home is the biggest secret to getting a great tenant for your rental property.

Here’s why it’s the secret…

The best tenants are usually the most organised.

Which means, they’re usually a couple of minutes early to any rental open home.

So you know what that means?

We have to be there even earlier!


We need to have time to do a few important things:

✔️ Open the blinds and curtains

✔️ Turn on the lights

✔️ Unlock the back door

✔️ Set up application forms for all the great tenants who are coming through the property

✔️ Put out water bottles for our guest tenants

✔️ Lay out local community information for new residents of the neighbourhood

Once we’ve got everything set up, then we’re ready to welcome all the best tenants to your property and invite them to apply to live here.

And that’s the biggest secret to getting great tenants for your rental property.

But shhhh….

Don’t tell anyone 😉