Have you heard about the magic photo formula?

There’s a magic photo formula for advertising a rental property!

Yes, we’re serious!  There’s an actual formula!

It’s actually a “bedroom to photo” ratio.

What that means is, when it’s time to find a new tenant for your investment property, you need great photos to attract a great tenant.

So, we apply the “bedroom to photo” ratio.

This means, for every number of bedrooms your property has, we include, at least, _______ (NUMBER OF PHOTOS) in our advertising campaign.

Got a 2 bedroom unit? That’s (at least) ________ (NUMBER OF) photos.

Got a 3 bedroom townhouse? That’s (at least) ________ (NUMBER OF) photos.

Got a 5 bedroom mansion? That’s (at least) ________ (NUMBER OF) photos.

And that’s how we do it here at ____________ (AGENCY NAME)

Want to try our magic photo formula?

Send us a DM and we’ll show you how it’s done!