Here’s something we don’t show every day.

It’s a little “behind the scenes’ for you.

Any time we have a new tenant moving into one of our properties, we conduct a full inspection of the home.

And of course, we always create a written report (that’s required by law).

We also include hundreds of photos with this report.

This might seen like overkill.

But it saves any arguments later in the tenancy.

Because, if we have photos of everything inside (and outside) a property…

We can always double check everything.

And it means 2 things are guaranteed:

If you’re a tenant of ours, you won’t ever be blamed for damage that was already there when you moved in.

If you’re a landlord client of ours, we’ll be able to protect the condition of your property at all times.

Want a copy of one of these inspection reports for your own property?

Send us a DM today.