How do we find the greatest tenants for your investment property?

Well, there’s a secret formula we follow…

Step 1 – we get you a pro photo shoot.

You know, for just _________ ($$$$) we can get you a portfolio of gorgeous photos of your investment property AND a floorplan to go with it!

This makes it so much easier for potential tenants to check out your property and make them want to come and inspect it!

Step 2 – we hit our database.

Here at ___________ (AGENCY NAME) we have a list of over _________ (NUMBER) of tenants who are looking to rent a property in ___________ (SUBURB/SUBURBS).

So, before we even start marketing your property, we check with our pre-qualified tenants.

Now, in most cases, that’s ALL we have to do to find you a great tenant.

But sometimes, when we want to create even more buzz on your property (to get even more people interested in your property).

Step 3 – we hit “publish”.

This means we send your property live on ALL the major property portals.  That means __________ (LIST ALL THE PORTALS YOU’RE USING: REA, DOMAIN, RENT, HOMELY, ETC).

Your property will get seen by over _________ (NUMBER) of people and we’re seeing _________ (NUMBER) of rental enquiries (ON AVERAGE) on every single property we advertise.

And that’s how it’s done.

That’s how we find the greatest tenants for your property!

Want help getting a great tenant for your property before _________ (CHRISTMAS/NEW YEAR/THE END OF THIS MONTH)?

Shoot us a DM and we’ll get it sorted for you!