I used to be so disorganised before I was a Property Manager.

But now, I’m a pro.

There are 5 things that keep me organised:

  1. My iPhone – that’s where my calendar is, and it’s also my camera for all my inspections.
  2. A smart watch – so I can take phone calls while I’m out and about
  3. A big bottle of water – gotta stay hydrated, right?
  4. A tape measure – yes, a tape measure.  I often need to measure the fridge space for a tenant, or a door frame for an owner to replace a door.

But there’s one thing that I just can’t live without… and that’s my ___________ (KEEP CUP TO KEEP MY COFFEE HOT/NOTEBOOK TO SCRIBBLE ON/MY AIR PODS TO LISTEN TO MUSIC WHILE I’M WAITING IN AN EMPTY HOUSE)

What’s the thing that keeps you organised?