You need to check your smoke alarms!

Well, not you personally…

But you need to get them checked.

Did you know that here in ____________ (STATE) you’re required to ______________ (EXPLAIN THE REQUIREMENTS FOR SMOKE ALARM MAINTENANCE)

So, now we’re smack-bang in the middle of Summer…

And we’re right in bush-fire season…

(even if your house isn’t technically high risk).

You need to make sure you’ve got a professional checking your smoke alarms every year.

What does that mean?

It means that, if you’re one of our landlord clients, we’ve got you covered!

We work with the awesome team at _______________ (@TAG SMOKE ALARM COMPANY/ELECTRICIAN) to take care of all the smoke alarms at your property.

And it’s only about $____________ (PRICE) per year!

Need help with your smoke alarms?

Send us a DM, and we can get it sorted for you!