Thinking of buying an investment property sometime soon?

So, what do you need to consider when you’re buying your first (or next) investment property?

Here are 3 things to consider:

  1.   Your long-term financial plans. If you haven’t spent time with your accountant and financial planner yet, now is the time. Get clear on your financial goals and get some great advice from those professionals. Need an awesome accountant? Go see __________ (@TAG YOUR FAVOURITE ACCOUNTANT).  And if you need an amazing financial planner, book some time in with __________ (@TAG YOUR FAVOURITE FINANCIAL PLANNER).
  2.   The rental market.  Get to know a great property manager in the area you’re looking to purchase and get advice on the local rental market from that property manager.  Need someone awesome? Send us a message – we got you covered! 😉
  3.   Your borrowing capacity.  It’s time to find out what you can borrow. Book an appointment with _____________ (@TAG YOUR FAVOURITE MORTGAGE BROKER) and discover what you can borrow.

Getting yourself sorted right now will set you up to be ready to purchase your first (or your next) investment property and set yourself up for the future.