Want to spruce up your investment property AND save money?

Of course you do!

If you own an investment property, you know how important it is to keep it looking fresh and up to date.

But renovating a property can be expensive!

Here are 2 quick tips for sprucing up your property (and saving 💲💲💲 in the process)

Tip 1️⃣ – Recycle

You don’t have to buy everything new when you’re sprucing up your property.

Check out second hand stores, auctions and even jump online to see if you can get second hand door knobs, kitchen handles, light fittings and other building materials to help your renovation.

You’ll save a bunch of money plus, it’s great for the environment.

Tip 2️⃣ – Pick a feature

Sometimes, just sprucing up a feature item in your property can make a huge difference to the whole home.

Consider updating the front door, or hanging a feature light fitting, add some shutters to your main living area or even adding more storage can all add value and the perception of freshness to a property (without breaking the bank).

Need help sprucing up your investment property?

Our team of tradespeople can help you out.

Just send us a DM and we can put you in touch with the tradesperson you need.