What’s wear and tear?

If you own an investment property (or you’ve ever rented a property), you’ve probably heard this term: “wear and tear”.

But what is it?

“Wear and Tear” is the light, normal damage that occurs in a property during normal use and as the property ages.

Examples of wear and tear include:

  • Light traffic wear on the centre of the carpet in a hallway (but not rips, or burns or tears in the carpet)
  • Paint fading from sunlight (but not pen marks or marks from sticky tape or blu-tac)
  • Loose hinges on doors (but not broken hinges or screws on doors)

So, what do we (as Property Managers) do when we see wear and tear at a property?

If you’re the owner of the investment property, we tell you about it.

Even though, it’s not something that your tenant is required to repair, it’s important that you know about this wear and tear so you can plan for improvements and renovations on your property.

And if you’re the tenant living in the property, don’t stress!

We understand that wear and tear happens while you live in the property.

If you’re ever unsure if something is wear and tear or actual damage, send us a DM and we’ll help you figure it out!