When was the last time you checked your rental returns?

There are 3 keys you need to check when you’re looking at your rental returns:

1️⃣  Rent coming in each year

You want to make sure that you’re achieving optimised gross rent each year. This means, reviewing the rent at least annually (sometimes even more often).

So when was the last time you had a rent review on your investment property?

2️⃣  Regular maintenance expenses

Sure, you’re going to have regular expenses on your investment property.



Interest and fees from your bank

Minor repairs

Pest treatments

Smoke alarm maintenance

The usual.

Make sure you’ve got these expenses mapped out into your cashflow plan so that they don’t take you by surprise. In fact, you’re best to work with your property manager to help map these out in to your annual plan so that those bills can be covered by your gross rent.

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3️⃣  Capital expenses

These are the big expenses, like:

Hot water system



Kitchen or bathroom renovation

The truth is, if you hang onto you investment property for 7-10 years (or more), you’re probably going to have to put your hand into your pocket to cover these expenses.

So, work with your property manager to ensure that you’re not surprised by these expenses and even factor them into your cashflow plan.

And remember to depreciate these capital expenses in your tax return!

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