Why is it so complicated to apply for a rental property?

Why do we ask for so much information with your rental application form?

The truth is, when you apply to rent a property through our office, we’re considering giving you the keys to a property, so we need to double check so many things.

Here are the things we need to check:

Your Identification – we need to ensure that we can identify you, so that when we draw up a lease agreement we list all the adults and their legal names on the agreement.

Your Income – we know this is very personal information to ask, and we are careful to keep this information very secure.  Just as a bank would check your income to make sure you can pay for a mortgage, we need to do the same thing to check that you can pay the rent.

Your History – if you’ve rented before, we’ll want to check your rental history. But don’t stress if you haven’t rented before. We can talk to you about verifying your history in other ways.

So even though it feels like so much work to apply for a rental property, we’ll do everything we can to make it as painless as possible!

Have you got any questions about applying for a rental property?

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