Winter is officially here, so we’ve got 5 tips to keep you cosy and warm (and your house organised and Winter-ready):

Tip 1 – Swap out your wardrobe

Move your Summer clothes out of your wardrobe and store them in vacuum sealed, airtight bags to keep them dry and protected.

Then, spread out your Winter clothes in your wardrobe so that the air can easily circulate around them and reduce the risk of mould forming.

You might even want to add a little container of damp-rid in your wardrobe if your home tends to experience higher humidity.


Tip 2 – Check your smoke alarms

If you own an investment property, make sure that your smoke alarms are up to date with their servicing requirements.

If you rent where you live, make sure you test your smoke alarms (using the test button) to ensure they’re working.


Tip 3 – Mulch your garden

If you have a garden, take this opportunity to mulch your garden.  You’ll find that this helps the soil cope with the cooler months, especially if you get frost on the ground at times.


Tip 4 – Drop your blinds

As the days start to cool off, make sure you close your window coverings at night to keep the warm air inside.  You’ll find this helps minimise your heating costs too!


Tip 5 – Prepare for Spring

If you’re planning to find a new home, or sell your property, Winter is the perfect time to prepare for this: Tidy the house, do those little maintenance jobs, and get your house ready for your next real estate journey.


Which is your favourite tip?  Let us know in the comments 👇