You’re special, you know that?

If you’re a property investor, you’re part of the (approximately) 8% of Australians who own an investment property.

And if you’re planning to buy an investment property soon, you’ll get to be part of that 8% too (although, we know you’re special too 😉)

So whether you’re already a property investor…

Or you’re planning on investing in property soon…

Be sure to grab our free PDF guide on ___________ (NAME OF GUIDE OR CHECKLIST) so you get the best results from your investment.

Here’s the link to grab the guide. (PUT THE LINK HERE)

How many photos does it take to prepare a condition report?

Here’s a clue…

Its hundreds!

You know, before a tenant moves into your investment property, we prepare a condition report to ensure that your tenant leaves the property exactly the same way they found it (with fair wear and tear, of course).

But sometimes a written report just isn’t enough.

So, before a tenant moves into your investment property, we take at least ________ (NUMBER OF PHOTOS) of the whole house (inside and outside!) to make sure your investment property is protected.

Want to see an example of our reports and photos?

Shoot us a DM and we’ll send you an example!

Seriously, you might be surprised at how detailed these reports and photos are!

But you’ll be thrilled when it protects your investment property!